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Therapy Goals provide specialized services to aged care clients. Of course in the comfort of their own home with an extremely competitive rate.

We offer a flat rate of $120 for our home visits all around Sydney.

Therapy Goals offer the following services to our aged care clients:

  • Prevent falls.
  • Achieve a safer, more accessible home.
  • Use equipment that can assist with mobility and everyday living (e.g. shower rails, wheelchairs)
  • Improve mobility and function by prescribing a range of adaptive strategies, such as joint protection techniques and work/rest routines.
  • Plan for the change of life role that comes with retirement or assess and advise on changes to the workplace that may enable people to remain in work for longer.
  • Provide education and advice to cope with age-specific illnesses such as dementia.
  • Participate in leisure activities and re-engage in social activities.